CLASS DESCRIPTIONS  (Members and non-members welcome to all classes)


Instructor-led class, where you rock out in our state-of-the-art cycling studio with stadium bike seating!!  Get your cardio on!  Great for a low-impact, high-calorie burn.  With limited space, reserve a bike prior to attending.  Online bike reservation calendar to the right.  Select a date, sign up and let's ride!

*Arrive 10-15 minutes before class to set up your bike.  Please bring a water bottle and a sweat towel.

    RIDE & RIP CLASS is GREAT for beginners.  With 25 minutes of cycling and 20 minutes of strength, it's the perfect mix!

Perfect for any level, this workout is for you.  Options for low and high impact and various strength goals in mind!  We mix up this class each week to keep you improving and getting the most out of your workout.  Class style may be sets, circuit training, or cross training style.  Giving your the maximum results with a mix of strength and cardio which can include plyometrics, weights, bands, mat exercises, body weight exercises, and more.

    TOTAL BODY STRENGTH CLASS provides a similar format and specifically focuses on every muscle group.

This is a style of yoga in which the poses are held for a longer period of time, so that weights and toning movements can be incorporated while stretching.  Building strength, fluidity of motion and longer, leaner muscles.  Options are given for making each position more challenging or simpler as each person chooses.  Short core strength and relaxation segment closes out the end of each class.  Perfect mind and body reset.

This non-aerobic, no cardio class brings weight training and body sculpting to the studio in a group format and is great for any level.  Lower weights for toning, and higher weights to build muscle.  Options include barbells, hand weights, kettle bells, medicine balls, and more.  Weight training helps shape and strengthen muscles while building your body to use more calories during cardio workouts.  Please arrive 5 minutes before class to set up your equipment.

Focused on exercises for abs and gluteus maximus are the primary goal plus additional work for muscle groups connected to these areas.  Plus, everybody wants better abs!  But more than just looks, strong abs help contribute to overall core strength.  Want to firm it up?  Get in here!  .  


530am Bootcamp
815am Total Body Strength
415pm Sculpt Yoga   


530am Cycling*

815am Cycling*
505pm Power Pump
6pm Cycling*


530am Bootcamp
815am Butts and Guts Strength
415pm Sculpt Yoga      

GROUP & Personal training at its best


Class Type
List class date(s)


815am Cycling*
915am Power Pump

6pm Ride and Rip*
 (20 min cycle, 20 min upper body strength)


530am Bootcamp
815am Bootcamp Mix


645am Cycling*
830am Cycling*


6pm Cycling*  (Seasonal - winter)


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